About me

Bruno Rosalves was born on the fifth of May 1977 in Manaus in Brazil. Son of Portuguese parents he spent his early years in the Amazon capital. Life and experience that left a deep mark which latter reflected in his creative force and work. In 1984 he and his family left Brazil for Portugal. The city of Portimão in Portugal is where his studies began, starting a course in Arts and grafts at Poeta António Aleixo Secondary School and later completing with a course of sculptor, arts and crafts at Julio Dantas School in Lagos.

Between 1998 and 2002 he embraced the AtriumSchool movement, where he started his apprenticeship in Classic renaissance, later bronze & stone carving under the master Jorge Vidal and Moura Sousa. Exhibiting at this time his first work in general collections. Blessed with an undaunted spirit, led to in 1999, to go in search of new experiences and aesthetic concepts, and starting a new phase in his work. Starting to exhibit his works which now bore a intuitive process, setting free the raw material with smooth line, and values such as, balance harmony and rythim. As well as searching for the vital essence taking abstractism and minimalism and turning it into his classic style. During 2000 a necessary urge to touch new materials, techniques and concepts took him to direct projects in the fields of design and scenography, collaborating with many different companies and events. 2002 until 2012 was a crucial period, affirming the search as a plastic artist and designer , then, deciding to move to Hamburg where he currently lives and works, directing a series of many artworks and objects design in Portugal and Germany. In addition to his artistic activity, Bruno Rosalves has worked on various projects to which it has committed natural stone companies such Sienave, Hoff granite, Convertino Stones, Bruns Möllendorff and as a freelancer in the team Gerstandt and Zweiplusdrei. Since 2013 performs his professional activity in Switzerland Zurich.

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